‘Pursuing your Dreams’

Education is a key to success that’s why everybody takes to value it. Living with your dreams and pursuing excellence to reach the cream of the crop. Pursuing your dreams and striving to reach it with full determination in a labor of it was the gratitude that offers in your palm.

My unforgettable moments in my life is when I have uncertainty happens in my life when my mother told me to stop in my schooling because of financially unstable. I recognized the fact that we don’t have the money to pursue my studies. I think that’s the end of my dreams, hoping that I could not finish the one thing that I kept started. I’m glad that GOD is so good to give me some hope and courage to overcome all the struggles in my life.

I am thankful that one day there has been a good news deliver on me and that was to continue my college life in West Visayas State University. I try to enroll but it was too late for me because the enrollment period was already ended up. I feel ashamed that I could not enroll and proceed in my 3rd year college. When I consult the dean of our college he indeed to agree when the registrar allow me so I go to the registrar’s office and advice me to go to Ma’am Belo, that time she is the OIC in the Department Of Education. I am shaking when I appeal to Ma’am Belo, to allow me to enroll even if the enrollment was already ended up. She told me that I can’t enroll because of the fact that the enrollment was already close and if she entertain me it is unfair in anybody that she did not allow to enroll.

I did not notice that my tears rapidly falling down and I’ve seen the reaction of Ma’am Belo that she felt pity to me but she didn’t allow me to enroll in that way. I go to the Cashier’s Department to talk with Ma’am Perono, she was my mother’s customer, and she bought fish to my father. Her co- worker in the cashier’s department told Ma’am Perono to call Ma’am Belo to appeal to her for the second time to allow me to enroll. Ma’am Perono told Ma’am Belo in a phone call that I am less fortunate and she told Ma’am that for the last time to allow me to enroll and I’m lucky enough that I am one of the student assistant in this school for my 2 years stays in this school.

I actually enroll; it was already 5 in afternoon when I was already finished to enroll. I am blessed that even if I push to the limit, grandly I enrolled. I did not stop hoping that in my uncertainties in life there is a gift that intended to me when the times come up.

Keeping the faith in God is the greatest sword in everything. I surpass the triumphs in my schooling that’s why I am implying it for the years I would stay in my college years. The pressure is always there but I do believe in the power of prayers and a proper action to take a will.


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